Kupory is the name and being awkward is my game. However, once a year this awkward moogle drags himself outside to attend the anime convention known as Fanime. This year was my fourth time attending and the best experience yet. Let me recount my tale to you.

Day Zero was uneventful, barring picking up my Fanime badge and helping a friend with the swap meet. The process for getting said badge went a lot smoother this year and took around fifteen minutes. I went as HunterXKupo, since I recently finished watching the anime, Hunter X Hunter (Insert foreshadowing for Part 2).

I am stupid. I reserved a hotel this year- one could say for a mini-vacation of some sorts. Anywho, I was placed on the wait list months prior and thought I wouldn’t receive a hotel. Few months later, bam! Got the hotel. I was ecstatic! During Day Zero, I searched the nearby hotels, but could not for the life of me find the one I was in. I was sure that it had to be one of them. I decided to finally map where my hotel was and boy, did my heart sink. My hotel was a bit over half a mile away. Little set back, but walking the fifteen or so minutes back and forth to and from the convention was a tad annoying.

img_5324-1I bought loads of merchandise. That’s a given. Anybody who knows me would know I’d buy a lot. Most of the stuff I bought on Day One were gifts. I did buy a cool One Punch Man shirt and Overwatch’s Winston’s pop figurine for myself.


img_5332I don’t usually take photos of cosplayers, but this year was different. I saw a Soldier 76 and Ana cosplay in the game room and just had to take a picture of them. Badass grandparents.


img_5325-1There’s also an important tradition one must uphold while attending Fanime. Three words. Bacon hot dogs. Vendors all across the con can be seen outside. Behind their makeshift carts, they grill juicy hot dogs covered in crispy bacon, while frying onions and peppers. All that greasy goodness is placed into a soft bun and cover it with a lucrative amount of ketchup, mustard, and mayo. The carts must be visited at least once during your time at Fanime. That is law. The only excuse for not getting one would be that you’re a vegetarian. Hell, if you can’t afford it, I’d be more than happy to buy you one next Fanime. That is, if you could find me and what adjective+ Kupo I use for that year.



​The highlight of Day One happened in front of the artist alley after Fanime was done for the day. I had completely forgotten about the two violin players who would stand and play for what I would assume was hours. Hearing the luscious music reminded me of  them from last year, since they were playing songs from Kingdom Hearts back then. The inner fanboy in me cried when I heard their music. If somehow these beautiful individuals read this, I just want to say to keep doing what you’re doing. Simple and clean is how you’re making me feel tonight. Ba dm tsk.

I had a moments with random people at the hotel. There was someone who I just knew was there for Fanime. He didn’t have a badge or anything, yet we chatted a bit and he said he was there for the second time with his cousin and loved it. Maybe I just knew. Fanime-ians. We know each other. Another conversation was with an older gentleman. I had just gotten back from Fanime and was going down to the lobby. Before leaving hours prior, I asked a housekeeper to bring my some toothpaste because I didn’t have any, but when I came back, no toothpaste was to be found. So I was going down the elevator and realized that I was in nothing but my socks. I mean, I wasn’t naked or anything. I just forgot my shoes. Could you imagine? Naked man in nothing in his socks going downstairs for toothpaste? But I digress. I exclaimed the fact of being shoe-less and it came out to something like, “I forgot my shoes.” The man just looked at me and asked if I was going down to the bar for a drink, but I just told him I needed to get some toothpaste. Was he hitting on me? Now maybe if I did go, he would have bought me a drink. I’m a straight male, mind you, even though a lot of people would think/say otherwise. Yet for some reason, I always have older gentlemen hitting on me. Free drinks is good though, but I didn’t even think about it till it was too late.

That’s my story for Day One, but there’s one event that must be mentioned. A tragic event. While going back to my hotel at 1am in the morning, I lost something. My button. My button flew away from my pants. I was just walking back to my hotel in the dark with my pants holding onto dear life. I was walking like a straight-up thug, minus the straight-up thug. Being the genius that I am, I only packed one pair of cargo pants.  I had to wear sweatpants to the convention from that day on. Let us have a moment of silence for those pair of pants.