Worlds have collided for an unknown reason. Heroes and villains from different universes will share the same story. One lone hero walks forward, searching for answers to his questions. 

Saitama: Eh..where am I? I barely woke up and now I don’t know where I am. 

After walking for some time, our hero stumbles upon a figure yelling at a grey cat. Clade in orange armor, he had claws for hands and seemed to be lecturing the cat. 

Scissors: What are you going to do, huh cat? You think you can just stand in my way? I think not! Who do you think you are? 

Cat: Meow?

Scissors: Don’t you dare give me sass! 

Saitama: Excuse me. Sir?

Scissors: Huh? Who in the world are you, baldy? Mind your own business and leave me alone so I can teach this cat some manners!

Saitama: Uh…why?

Scissors: Why? Did you just ask why? Because this cat is being rude!

Saitama: What.

Scissors: That’s what I said! I was minding my business walking down the road and this cat had the audacity to block my way. 

Saitama: Can’t you just walk…around it?

Scissors: That would mean I would lose, and I never lose! I have to show this animal who’s on top of the food chain!

Saitama: Uh…okay. Wait, aren’t you a crab? (Why does this feel so familiar?)

Scissors: No! I am not a crab! I am a Kamen Rider with a crab motif! I am Kamen Rider Scissors! 

Saitama: Oh…okay. Can you stop yelling?

Scissors: Did you just tell me what to do? How dare you! I’m not the same child I was before! Power is now everything to me! I will obtain it at whatever cost and destroy any who get in my way! I will not take anyone or anything who oppose me lightly. I was born into poverty and never had much strength. My family had to fight cats for scraps of bread in the street!  But now? The world will soon be at my grasp as I continue getting more powerful. My strength will be like those of a God compared to everyone else’s! I, Scissors, will-

Saitama: I don’t care.

Scissors: What?! How dare you interrupt me! Forget the cat. I will destroy you right now first to teach YOU a lesson. Hahaha!


Scissors swung his right claw with all his might, but Saitama grabbed it with ease and looked at him. Before anything could be said, before Scissors knew what to do,  Saitama throws a punch against his chest, knocking him out cold. Amongst the commotion the grey cat ran away. 

Saitama: Well. That’ll teach you to not pick on cats.