Ah, Sizzler. The to-go destination for good old American food which mostly composes of salt and carbs. I’ve been raised on Sizzler and when the location was under construction, I was a bit surprised since I thought they were closing down for good. But they weren’t. If anything, the interior has gotten better.

Now customers are allowed to grab their own plates, bowls, and glasses. No more did you have to ask the waiter/waitress for help. The food is as salty, yet satisfying, as ever. If one were ever to go to Sizzler, they would know the salad bar is a must. Not the steak or chicken, but the unlimited salad bar.


Most of their food is a bit better than mediocre at best, but the fried chicken. Never mind making your own salad or salad. Their fried chicken is something else. And I love me some fried chicken. I would even venture to guess that they make it fresh. If they do buy it frozen, then I’d like to know from where. Perfectly crunchy on the outside and meaty in the inside. Pour some tobassco on them chicken pieces and you’ll be in heaven. The neighboring table today took all the fried chicken when we were about to leave- maybe fifteen pieces.