Just had an urge to eat really greasy and fattening Chinese food. By Chinese food, I mean the American kind. Deep fried goodness with more sugar than salt in the meat. That’s what I wanted today. That’s what I got today.

To my nearby Chinese restaurant I haven’t been at for around three years, it was like walking back into a long distant memory. A memory filled with enough food to make you hibernate for the week. They have two lunch options- one with rice and two options of dishes, and the one with a soup, egg roll, fried rice, sweet and sour pork, and another dish option. I, of course, chose the latter. 

Not the best Chinese food. The pork was a bit lukewarm and the egg roll wasn’t as big as it was before. The fried rice was good and you bet that I smothered it with some good old hot oil. The Mongolian beef was the entree I chose and it was alright. The beef was tender and the onions weren’t too soft, but I would have preferred more onions. Also green onions. It also needed some chili. I don’t know about you, but I like eating those fried peppers and crying from the heat in my Mongolian beef. 

Just an okay Chinese restaurant with okay Chinese food. I think if I do come back, it’ll probably be in another three years. A lot better Chinese restaurants close by. But for what it’s worth, it’ll definitely leave you full and satisfied.