Don’t ask me how to say the retaurant’s name. I have no clue. Sound it out and make it sound Asian. Done. That’s the one problem I have with eating at Vietnamese places. Their English is really limited. However, that somehow makes me believe that the food will just be that more authentic. 

I’ve been thinking of doing good reviews for this one food court. Just something so raw and real. No restaurants or fancy seats. Just you and food. Carry your own food to your table! You need balance. I have horrible balance. I’m going to drop my food one day and cry.

Let’s start with this food review instead of rambling on. I ordered the noodles nam vang. In Vietnamese noodles is hu tieu, I think. Something like that. Too lazy to check and I’m not getting paid for this, so let’s keep going. The noodles came in yellow egg noodles and white rice noodles. I’m more of just. A yellow noodle guy because it’s more chewy, while the rice noodles are more soft and delicate. It was a good bowl, though. Plenty of oil and fried garlic. They star of the fish were the two shrimp. Meaty and big. Just how I like it. Plus, I always get my nam vang dry, like my life. The reason? Because I like that meat bone with soup on the side. Look at that big meat bone! I do like my big meatbones. And of course, I had to doctor up my noodles with some fresh chili and garlic. 

If you want a heavier noodle soup, don’t get pho. Get the nam vang. If you can. It’s more meaty and filling. At least to me. And did I mention the meat bone? Oh yes.