Just waiting for the convention in my town to begin. About three more weeks. It’s going to be great. I get to actually be outside and do things. Granted I’m usually by my lonesome while journeying the con, but I don’t mind. I like being with my nerdy kind. Plus, I’m going to buy hella stuff. And I also rented a hotel room. And I’m gonna buy a lot of food. So. Yup. Greatness.

On a different note, work has gone to hell. They’re cutting hours at an alarming rate and people are starting to leave. I think it is time for me to leave. I’m going to search so hard after the convention. Hopefully, it’s not another retail job. If it is, it can’t be as bad as this one.

I’ve also been trying to do some sort of fiction/picture with the figures I collect. You’ll be seeing that on here and I’m also trying to do it on Instagram. Something to combin my two useless hobbies I’m not particularly good at: English and figure posing.

On a last note, I’ve been writing one Haiku a day. Or trying to. Not sure if I mentioned that before. But I have about forty. So I’ll schedule those soon. So it seems like I care. So. Yes. Some are decent, some are horrible. Mostly the latter. I hope all seven of my followers are doing well and hope you a good spring. By the way, hate spring. Allergies are killing me. Heat is killing me. Heat rashes everywhere. I blame Trump. Just kidding. Or am I.