Let’s you and me have a chat, shall we? I don’t really crave Starbucks. Whenever I do get it, I always get the vanilla frappe. I’ve never tried their teas or fancy naming drinks and so on. But when I heard of the unicorn food colorful drink thing…come on. I had to try it. I wasn’t expecting much, but I like my sour drinks. This drink, though? Nope. 

It’s like it is trying to be sour, but the vanilla and smoothness just kills the sour. And the sour isn’t really a good sour. Maybe like an unripe mango that’s on sale. I also heard that there is mint in the drink. Really? This drink is all over the place. If I had to describe it in one sentence, it would be, “The unicorn drink from Starbucks is like a unicorn flying under a rainbow through a field of mangos, while stepping on mint and vanilla leaves, towards a Starbucks while pink and purple glitter is scattered throughout the air.”

In short, not very impressive. I give it a rating of 3/5. One bonus point because it looks pretty as heck. Pretty, yet disappointing. Like most girls I fall for. I bought one just to take a picture of, like everyone else. On a side note, I hope Starbucks comes out with something that isn’t just pretty, but delicious as well. This drink just made me wish there was a creamsicle drink somewhere. 

Should you try/purchase this drink? Yes. Only once. Take pictures of it. Then you too, can be one of the many to say that you’ve tried and tasted a unicorn.