Hello my dear seven followers. How have you been? I’ve been the same. More or less dead inside. Honestly, I can’t tell anymore. Just work, sleep, games, food, and repeat. Is this what being an adult means? It’s boring. And no fun. But alas, that is what I’ve been through.

It is quite difficult typing this on my phone. I am far too lazy to get my laptop and turn it on and etc. But that’s okay. If you’re a regular who, for some reason read any of my posts, you would know how lazy I could be.

There are a few customer stories I have that I jotted down, but forgot where. So I shall paraphrase them. A nice woman I helped commented on how hot our store was, and I agreed. The no air conditioning life combined with many bodies in a store can get quite humid. She asked if I got free drinks and I laughed. She then asked what my favorite was and asked if she could buy me one, but I declined. If only more customers were like her. On the other hand, there were a group of three kids (maybe around the age of 12 or 13 I can’t tell anymore) who bought a pregnancy test. Is it illegal to sell minors a pregnancy test? I doubt it, but they were giggling the whole time.

Now on to the food. I do like my food. The hot pot was filled with goodies and was kimchi based. I got very spicy. It was spicy at first, but mellowed out. I liked the cabbage and kimchi in the soup. The sliced pork was also real good. I didn’t care for the stuffed fish balls and I completely forgot it came with dumplings. By the time I found said dumplings, they melted in the soup. But it was good. I won’t go into anymore detail, but my picture will say more than I ever could. 

That’s it, I guess. I still have posts scheduled and I have myself a quota of at least writing one haiku a day. It’s been going well. It’s been only three days, though. But it’s something. Goodbye my amazing seven followers. Until we meet again.