Hello dearest reader(s)! Guess who’s finally attempting to write again. Me. This guy. The guy who writes what he thinks are haikus, but in reality, what he creates is some sort of weird concoction of witty life lessons and really bad word choices.

I’m actually at a library right now. I just had an uncomfortably big breakfast and I am completely ready for today’s writing adventures (not really). Did you know libraries closes on Sundays? I can’t remember whether or not I mentioned it, but I had a Sunday to myself after more than a year of working retail, and I had no clue how boring Sundays were. But here I am, ready for a comeback!

My reader count went from around five readers to maybe 2. I am quite bummed about that, but I am not discouraged. Let’s see what the future as to bring me! Hopefully, some sort of joy, money, and cats. I like cats.

I noticed a night ago that one of the headlights on my car wasn’t working. I was debating whether or not to just leave it like that until I got pulled over. By the next morning, I cracked and went to the mechanic to get it fixed. Took about five minutes and twenty five dollars. And done. Worried for nothing. But I am a lazy person.

And that’s all I have to say. Well, I have much more, but I don’t feel like rambling on anymore right now. Hopefully you had a good day/week/month/year person who’s reading this!