Brief description

Bob’s Burgers is an animated sitcom which centering around burger restaurant owner, Bob Belcher and his family. The cartoon debuted on January 9, 2011 and was created by Loren Bouchard. Each episode has an ordinary (or not so ordinary, but somehow still relatable) conflict type of which is usually solved with some sort of moral in the end.

Summary of the episode

“Human Flesh” is the first episode of the series, but doesn’t begin in the beginning of the restaurant opening as one would likely believe. The show begins with the restaurant’s grand re-re-opening. The episode’s dilemma starts with a rumor Louise spread about the restaurant, which would be the inclusion of human flesh in their hamburgers. All the while, Bob forgets that it is his wedding anniversary with Linda, but she starts to believe there is a surprise party. To make things worse, the health inspector, Hugo, was in a relationship with Linda Belcher and arrives into the restaurant to make Bob suffer. Things begin to escalate one after another as Bob’s problem gets worse, like a real human body coincidentally ending up in the restaurant while Hugo is there (the restaurant is near a morgue, but it’s still pretty humorous and a stroke of bad luck).  Long story short, Hugo decides to help Bob. In the end, a group of adventurous eaters come and pay 50 dollars per burger since they believe it to contain human flesh, and all ends that ends well.

Characters and their importance in the episode

Bob: Bob tries to not only save his restaurant, but make it up with Linda. He’s apparently a bad kisser and has too much saliva. He is good with making burger pun names for his burgers of the day.

Tina: An awkward teenager whose crotch is itchy.

Gene: He offers free samples while in a burger costume and playing with his speaker. I find that his emotions lack any sort of emotion in the first episode.

Linda: She is upset at Bob, but loves him since she’d rather love someone with a dream than someone without a dream (Hugo).

Louise: The entire conflict can be contributed towards Louise, who started the rumor.

Hugo: A man who dated Linda and wants to ruin Bob’s career. Apparently, Linda claims he’s a good kisser because he has soft lips.

Ron: Hugo’s assistant who has just started with the health department, but currently has no badge.

Favorite scene


Bob is bad with dates. Like, really bad. He forgets birthdays and didn’t even realize the day his child (I think Louise) was born. It’s a short scene in the beginning of the episode, but sets the mood for how awkwardly humorous the show is.

Second favorite scene

Louise changes the burger of the day to the “Child Molester.” A burger which comes with candy. Someone who looks like a child molester orders the burger, and the Belchers  begin arguing in the back  on who should serve him the burger. Bob doesn’t want Louise to serve him, and says Gene should serve it since he’s heavy and won’t be molested. It’s a touchy subject, but the show handles it well without crossing the boundary.

My thoughts

With a subject like cannibalism, the show isn’t about cannibalism itself, but the struggles of a man with his restaurant and family. This episode revolves mostly around Bob and Linda, with him trying to convince people that his burgers contain no human flesh. He makes an entire speech on how bad they treat the living (like him with his wife) and how well they treat the dead, but it backfires when he inexplicably defends cannibalism. The entire moral of the story is hard to trace. Maybe always be yourself, even if you seem like a failure, like in Bob’s case owning a run down restaurant, yet still having a dream. Or the more generic “Things will be okay in the end” since Bob’s problem allows him to make loads of money in the end. As a starting episode, I give this one a solid 4/5. It could have been approved upon, such as more screen time with the kids, or maybe more depth into Bob’s and Linda’s relationship. But it is the first episode and was done well.