After ages of being too lazy to turn on my laptop, I’ve finally decided to do so. I had the whole day planned out- three, maybe even four, posts to write about. But after eating an uncomfortable amount of Chinese food and napping for too many hours, I’ll probably only have two up. Considering my track record, that is an amazing accomplishment. So to the seven (maybe five now since I haven’t posted regularly) followers/readers, I commend you for still reading whatever I have to write about.

It’s been what? Two days since Christmas? It wasn’t the day before, but the day before the day before Christmas. People. Everywhere. They just kept coming, asking for the wrapping paper and gift boxes we did not have. Some wouldn’t take no for an answer. And yesterday? Same thing. But I’m happy that my break is now here. I have done nothing productive today. Nor did I do anything for Christmas. Christmas is just another day where everybody else is happy and celebrates joy and whatever and receives gifts and I don’t know. I don’t like holidays. Maybe I will one day.

Something sad, in the bad way, happened at a restaurant I went to a week ago. I was planning on writing about it soon, but we’ll see how soon it will be. I hope you all had a good Christmas and have a good upcoming new year.