It’s been about a day and the country is still intact. I look outside my window to see the same sunny, Californian weather. Hell hasn’t frozen over yet. Trump became president and all I hear is outrage, and for good reason. Facebook users are sporadically posting statuses, claiming they’ll take anyone off who voted for Trump. Now, hold on there. What’s that going to accomplish? Getting angry and letting emotions get the better of you? Spouting nonsense and insults, thinking that will change who’s president? Just because your opinions differ? You’d really be no better than, well, Trump, minus the feat he miraculously accomplished.
No, California can’t become its own country. I’d love to live in a world without a physical manifestation of past bullies haunting over me. But branching off is not only cowardly, but pretty selfish. California wasn’t the only state that voted Democratic, so why solely that state? People are looking for a solution/excuse out, such as moving to Canada or building a wall to separate the country.
You know I have to give credit where it’s due. Trump may be a racist, sexist, offensive man with hair that’s seen better days, but he’s done the impossible. He bullied his way into a presidential position without any prior experience. His speeches are blatantly simple and preys on people’s fears. Somehow, he managed to accomplish the impossible. That’s what scares me.
Protesters. You’re welcome to peacefully voice your opinion. That’s what America is for; freedom of speech. Trump has shown us this. But when you’re causing riots and damaging city, are you really creating a difference? At the very least, you’re making such a fool of yourself thinking, “Oh, if I set this car on fire, everything will change!” Worst case scenario, you’ll just add fuel to the fire, making Trump seem like he’s more needed than ever. He’ll just point a finger at you and say he can change this.
Now before you write that status about unfriending people on Facebook because their views differ from yours or claiming that it’s the “white” people’s fault, just think. What will that really accomplish? All you’re doing is attacking someone who doesn’t share your same beliefs, no matter how wrong they may be. Not everyone from the states who primarily voted Trump actually support Trump, nor does every single white person. There is a problem. America’s wellness is being challenged and I know you’re angry. The LGBT community is in danger. Immigrants are in danger. We’re all in danger. But instead of everyone pointing fingers in different directions and accusing others of this and that, we should really focus and come together in a community. I may sound like I don’t really have a clear solution to this dilemma. You know what? I don’t. I’m just one person. However, spreading hate will not make you any better. Just more hate.