The year’s 2016. Phones are on our wrists and being open-minded isn’t seen as a curse, but as a blessing. Anyone using the internet is capable of posting anything online for everyone to see. What an amazing era to live in, right?

A philosophy yours truly has been living by is, “Don’t waste time with someone else’s stupidity.” My own stupidity is fine; I was born with it and I’ll die by it. Unfortunately, I have to bare witness to other people’s activities.


What the hell did I just read? I guess I could call this person an acquaintance. Beliefs are your own and you shouldn’t be afraid of voicing them if you feel the need to, but for the love of everything and anything logical, just try, just a little bit, to not sound like a pretentious, spoiled, inconsiderate, uneducated person rocking back and forth in that box  you call reality.

You live in California and you want to ban marijuana because of the smell? Really? At least make the generically false argument of marijuana being a major part of today’s crimes. I’m not fond of the smell of marijuana either. You know what I’m also not fond of? Children.

My next Facebook status should be, “Oh god people are having more children. Their so annoying and short CA already has too many kids. Sigh to people having kids #facepalm”

Yeah, no. You know why? I’m not that stupid.

This same person posted”If you can’t use the wrong ‘there’ then you don’t deserve to be my friend.” Well, I took your advice and took you off after reading such a narrow-minded status, while using the wrong they’re.