I’m tired. Guess who’s been trying to hit the gym again? This guy. Guess who thinks his body’s going to break since going to the gym after a few months? This guy.

Today’s the last day to vote. Am I going to vote? Nope. If all seven of you reading this must know, I chose Bernie the first time. But now that he’s gone ,well. I’ll just watch the world burn after we get our new president. The ironic thing is that I’m sitting in a library (probably after a few years with the intention of doing some serious writing) which is hosting the voting polls. Go figure.

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Would you like to know a secret? I lose track of all the food pictures I post, or intend to post. So sorry if this or any other future/past pictures are repeat. I’m old (not that old) and I forget. And this was taken weeks ago. Ramen. Shocked? You shouldn’t be.

Ramen+spice=life. This ramen hit the spot. The egg was a bit cold though, and the inside was a weird shade of goo yellow. Still good. I adored the broth, with the taste of the pork mingling with the spice. Of course, I chose the spiciest option, with extra pork pieces. Hold the beansprouts. One thing to note is that I’m not really much of a soup drinker, so I always end up with unwanted broth in the bowl. This was at the mall, so I felt guilty throwing away the bowl with soup still inside it into a trashcan. Plus, I got more food after that. So, there’s that. Another thing to note is I haven’t been to this particular mall in years, and I was in my sweats. The mall is fancy as can be and is filled with rich, pretty people. Pretty people as far as the eye could see. I wish I were a pretty man.