Forget Halloween. I hate holidays. I don’t think I will ever like them. Future me, if you’re reading this. If you suddenly grew to like holidays, you’ll probably think I’m a fool. Well, that’s good for you. But right now, I don’t care for them.

Same old, same old. Same life, same phone. I have some writing to polish up, but I will probably have them up soon. I’ve been trying to get my hand around writing a fiction story with my figures, but I’ve just been really lazy. Maybe shorts. Shorts might be a thing. I only wear jeans, though. Get it? No? Okay.

Should really go to the library and do some writing. I’ll probably get more done. It’s just that I’m too lazy to get up and drive the entire five minutes there. It is so much easier just to stay home and lay in my bed pretending I’m a dying walrus while eating an uncomfortable amount of potatoes, don’t you think?

Right is banh bun cha tom. Left is the banh cuon dac biet. No clue what they translate to. Cheers!

I went back to the Vietnamese food court today and tried another vendor. Thankfully, this one was a lot better than the last one. I got some red broth, udon style tomato noodle thing, with a lot of weird textures. Good textures, but the only thing I recognized eating was the tofu and tomato. Maybe the lumps were some sort of pork, and the other slices were different slices of pork.The fried shallots brought a pungent taste and fragrance to the dish. Mouth watering. The star were the rice rolls. So delicate and tasty, along with a lot of crunchy items like an eggroll and deep fried mungbean cake (I think). If I ever go back, or if I crave something crunchy, I will have this place in mind.

I hope all seven of my dedicated followers reading this had a good Halloween and got plenty of candy. I still need to go out and buy me some chocolate.