I believe this was the spicy tuna hand roll. Not my favorite, but not so bad. Better to stick with the another roll. Still fun to have your own roll you can eat with your hand.

In a world where your heart craves sushi, but your wallet says no, there is only one solution. Live in Japan and get amazing sushi from the source. However, for poor people not in Japan like me, the next option would be eating at a sushi buffet. I did just that, at the appropriately named Sushi Infinity.

I believe the picture to the left has spring roll paper with salmon and tempura shrimp. Again, just experimenting but not my favorite roll. To the right is tofu skin and rice, which I love. Not sure how to describe it. Like really delicious tofu skin. And the scallop was just so soft and just melted in my mouth. And then there’s a Californian hand roll, which was good. If you must get something Californian, get a hand roll. Less rice, more fun. 

Let us get this out of the way- nobody should come here expecting amazing service. At best, you will get average service. I can’t really blame them since they have to cater to greedy sushi lovers like me. There’s also a rule where if you cannot finish the food, you have to pay extra. Also, no taking home leftovers, but that just means you should come prepared. They have a regular menu and a buffet menu, and I’ve always sprung to the buffet one. For around 20-30 dollars, you can have them make you all the fresh sushi your stomach desires!

Here’s some deep fried tofu with a sweet sauce (this time it was more watery than usual, but still good). And there’s some salmon skin sushi with little droplets of sriracha. 

There’s not really much else to say. Not really much of a review, but a background filled with words for the pictures of sushi I took. Whenever I go, I always try to eat as many different rolls as possible. One thing to note is that when partaking in sushi gluttony, you should pace yourself with the fried rolls. I’m usually okay with tempura shrimp in the rolls, but having too many rolls deep fried will most likely hinder your progress. Not only will the rice fill you up, but the additional oil and batter will just stick to your ribs. Food for thought.


A deep fried sushi glory of a mess. After awhile they all started tasting the same. Tasty, but the same. 

Also, never go for regular rolls. Experiment! I always love seeing my roll jam packed with an array of fish and vegetables. The rolls alone would cost you a fortune, so might as well try them out in an all you can eat setting. Don’t you dare order Californian rolls, or I swear I will leap from the screen and slap you with a sandal.

My rating for this meal? 3/5 Kupos!