Well, I haven’t been productive at all this week. That’s okay. I deserve a lazy week once in awhile. Or, a lazier one than most.

I got bad customers again. I was going to do a rant, but I got lazy. So I forgot what I was going to rant about. I do remember a customer harassing a coworker, telling him he’ll get fired and demanding he tell her his name. All because she wanted to return a defective item. From a different location. Now maybe if she wasn’t such a muddy log and asked nicely, we could have did the exchange- even though the store policy is not to do so. Oh, and if she bought the item from our location. That might be a factor too. But no, no. Just take a picture of him through the store window like the little pretentious skittle that you are. Both you and your daughter looked dumber than half-eaten burritos from a trash can.

I should really start my story project. So far, I probably wrote no more than twenty five words. In notes. Probably been too distracted from Netflix, now that I got it. I just watched the sequel to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I completely forgot how much of a fanboy I was for Chinese kung-fu films with really awkward English.

Like I said in my last ramble, I’ll probably stop so many posts daily. Primarily haikus. They seem muddled now since I rack my brain trying to write one for each day, so I’m never satisfied with every single one. On the bright side, I went to a Vietnamese food court. It was alright. The noodles I had were nothing like shown in the picture, and the appetizer was doughy and a bit under. If I do go back, I’ll most likely choose a different stand. Pictures will be posted after this. Hope you have a good week! Because I think this weekend is a holiday and I will suffer in retail.


This is what I ordered. Number 20. It looked like it was fill with wontons and just look at that translation. It’s a noodle that sparks and pulls. I think. Or maybe the noodle pulls something that sparkles. Either way, I wanted it.


This is what I got. Look at it. Those wontons look paler than me in the snow. If I was ever in snow. But when I do see snow for the first time, I would be pale. Like these wontons. All 2 or 3 of them. The pork wasn’t the pork shown. The noodles were a bit under also. But at least I got plenty of bok choy. Whoopity doo, bok choy. Surprisingly, the soup was good. It was both savory and sweet. Still a let down overall.


This was bizarre. I thought it was banh kok or something, but it wasn’t. I pointed at number 4, but she said number 3 was the same. Then I said I’ll get number 5 but she said both 4 and 5 were the same as 3, so I chose 3. And I got this. This battery yellow goop of a mess. The nuts were a weird crunchy contrast to the sticky batter and the shrimp was mover overcooked than five year old boogers. I think it also had mushrooms, but I wasn’t able to tell.