Working retail is rough. Really rough. Especially having to serve a customer base of Asian people. It’s okay, I’m racist. But I’m racist towards my own kind. That’s okay, right? Well, whatever. I remember one day I was working at the register. Now, it was slow. Really slow. I was just talking to my coworker when an elderly Asian woman came up and asked me details about a small foldable chair we sell. She asked how much it was, which I answered and pointed towards the label. Then she asked for the price of another chair, which I repeated the process with. She left, but then came back in order to ask me how much weight a chair would hold. And then the other. I felt my blank retail face turn into a small grimace, but I told her each chair was able to hold 50 kilos/105 pounds, pointing at the label on both chairs. The elderly lady came back for the third time after I was done ringing up a customer. This time instead of , she offered me a tip (I think a wrinkly one dollar bill; I forgot). I declined it, forcing a smile. She didn’t leave, though. Reaching into her purse, she pulled out candy canes that have seen better days. They had a yellowish tinge to them. Again, I declined. The candy canes were just left there on the table. I’m not sure where they went after that night. I’m also not sure how I should feel about this. I did my best to help a customer, even though I was getting a bit agitated. There is no moral or anger in this post. Just me being confused by an old lady giving me candy canes which have probably expired awhile back.