Everyone likes free food. Don’t you dare say that you do not. Because you do. We all do. When a friend offered me a free burger (the burger was buy one get one free), how could I not say yes?

I shouldn’t complain about free food. It’s free. Well, not technically free. More food was ordered, which is probably how they get you. Let’s get this straight right now. I like food. If you’ve read any of my other blog posts, you would think I’m in love with food. Yet, this meal? This free meal? Not enjoyable in the slightest. At least the newspaper they used as plates provided a rustic charm. Unfortunately, the paper might have been the best thing about the lunch.

img_1924Let’s start with the burger. The burger was, I don’t know, just there. You see that picture up there? Isn’t that a depressing burger? I want to call a suicide helpline because that burger needs help.  The buns were inverted and there was some beef and cheese in between them. Maybe some mayonnaise. Again, free. Would I actually buy that burger? Nope. No way. I had to drown the taste, of lack there of, with ketchup. The burger was something I could make at home any day without much effort. Probably better. Free burger, yes. Good burger, no.

img_1926Now to the sides. The sides. My sides were hurting from how laughable they were. Maybe it was just the time of day, or maybe I was in a bad mood. Either way, those sides were just terrible. We ordered chili cheese fries and the chili and cheese just wouldn’t stay on the fries. The fries were flimsy and probably would have collapsed from me merely staring at them. Somehow, they weren’t even the worst things I ate that day. That privilege goes to the onion rings that came with my burger. Just, no. Please, no. Might as well just have called them rings. There was no onion in there. I’m pretty sure the onions were kidnapped. An elderly man who was leaving saw us eating and said their onion rings were amazing; the best he’s ever had. I just stared back at him. I don’t know about you, but I would like some onion in my onion rings. Not just batter. Maybe the batter was delicately seasoned with onion flavour. Doubt it. I was so appalled that I forgot to take an individual picture of the “onion” rings.

How many kupos do I give this meal? Considering the fact that it is a fast food establishment and the burger was free (I’m being nice here; I hated the sides which cost extra), I would rank it 2/5 kupos. Only because I didn’t have to pay for any of the meal. Their other burgers/sides are probably much better than what I had, but I probably will a craving for this place.