Well. It’s been officially a year. Even though I imagined myself to be this popularly famous, yet witty and down to earth writer with a billion followers, I have to say I’m quite disappointed. No, just kidding. I’m surprised I’m still keeping up with doing this. Not sure why I’m surprised, nor do I know why I’m still writing whatever I write. But for everyone who’s been reading what I write more than once, thank you. I probably know who you are because I always have those select few people who seem to like everything I post. Not sure if bots or not, but thank you nonetheless.

On other news, I’ve asked my work place to give me four days of work instead of five. Five days was just too much and I never had enough time to rest, or even write. Plus, I need time to look for a better job. One that doesn’t suck my soul so much like retail. So, that’s that.

One horrible thing I’ll mention is that my aunt locked herself out of the house and blamed me for not hearing her. From downstairs. Outside. From inside my room. Oh well, I should be used  to it by now.

I had a good day today, though. Went out with a few coworkers to eat Korean fried chicken. First time ever trying it. And boy, was it good. I didn’t bother taking any pictures. I should have, but I know they wouldn’t want to wait for me. But it was so good. Free all you can eat rice and salad, but who cares about that. We had about thirty pieces of chicken for the five of us. There was honey glazed which was just sweet, soy sauce which was savory, and hot and spicy which was so spicy. Like dangerously spicy. I had three pieces and it numbed my mouth. That has never happened to me before. So good. So fresh. I love fried chicken. If you read anything I’ve written, you would know that by now.

Oh, and there was a wild black and white cat. We bought it some food. It was nice. I also saw another orange cat in the morning, which I often pet. It lives around the neighborhood. I like cats. Cats don’t judge. Well, they do. But they’ll love you anyway. Sort of.