Well, today’s a Sunday. The worst day for any retail store. Holy hell. People just came pouring in. And we were minus two workers today, too. Well, one worker left an hour early. But that hour was like watching hell being unleashed into a store. We didn’t clean the store. We got out late. Man, people just love coming in when a store is about to close for the day, don’t they?

I’ve been having a mini mental breakdown this weekend, especially today. And by mental breakdown, I mean more twitchy and nervous than usual. I don’t know. I wake up about every hour for no reason. I was trying to find someone to talk to, well more like annoy, and, well, I annoyed them. So they’re not talking to me anymore. That’s fun. That’s always fun. I also was this close to adding a girl I really missed on Facebook, but I saw that she moved on. So I didn’t. Fuck me.

On a brighter note, I caught a Squirtle today. The highlight of my day was catching a digital turtle. That’s blue. Whopee. I also went to KFC (a fried chicken place) and witnessed some man complaining about gravy and claiming he’ll take it to the health department or whatever. The worker was really nice and handled it well and gave him better(?) gravy and also offered him extra food. He’s top notched. Me, however. I’m dead as fuck. I had to go back to them and ask for a lid. But they were struggling and it was the end of the night, so I understand. Until I got home. I got three pieces of chicken. I paid for three pieces. Yet, I only received two pieces. Story of my life. Always a chicken thigh behind.