To try food from New York has always been a sort of dream for me. I mean, it is the food mecca of food trucks littering the streets! Now, I didn’t travel to New York (yet), but I did have the pleasure of trying something I know is well known at the Big Apple. When I heard Halal Guys was coming to a destination near me, I couldn’t wait to try it!


Now I’m no expert on Greek food. The first falafel I had was from Subway (don’t worry, I hated it, so that must mean I know what good food is like). I do know decent food though. Well, I would hope so. Ever since the opening of Halal Guys, there has always been a line outside the door. The wait doesn’t seem to be long, but in hot California weather, it wouldn’t be very enjoyable. The inside was bustling and the cooks were serving the food as quick as possible. I was excited for my rice plate.


I got the two meats which I immediately forgot which meats those two meats are. I want to say chicken and beef, but I’m not sure. But there were two of them. And can we take a moment to appreciate the rustic way they layer each item in an aluminum bowl? Perfect to keep it warm in, with a plastic case to cover it. I wish more places around here did it like that.


I loved the white sauce. It was like a watered down ranch, but was somehow more flavorful and more herbaceous. The creaminess of it complimented the savory, charred meats well. The rice was a nice tinge of orange but didn’t contribute much except to absorb the juices and sauces A. By itself, it just tasted like rice. Maybe I was expecting rice to wow my Asian mind. And the lettuce and tomatoes were there just to help tone down the hot sauce. But that hot sauce. My lord, that hot sauce. They just added one line for me, and I asked for more. I also got a packet of it for extra. It’s just condensed spice that complimented the white sauce perfectly. That hot sauce could melt ice, I tell ya.


The falafel? Amazing. So crunchy and thick, but full of herbs and spices inside. I loved them. I’m just a bit disappointed I had to pay about 2 dollars extra for them, but I’m glad I tried them.


My thoughts on the food here? Eh. The white sauce and hot sauce were the highlights of the meal, but everything else was just okay. Not amazing, at least to me. I am happy I tried it, but I don’t think I would ever crave it. The whole meal itself just made me crave a carne asada plate. But the bursts of citrus, creaminess, and sheer spiciness of the dish was a good experience.