Guess who ate Vietnamese food today. Again. Me! Now this review will be short and sweet, because i didn’t plan on making a food post, nor did I quite think it was so important to talk about. But since I haven’t written anything in awhile, I’ll just write about this semi-pointless lunch.


If you read any of my reviews before, you would know I have an obsession with noodles. And I’ve mentioned Tung Kee noodles a couple times, with the pseudo Asian fast food place being one of my go-tos when I just want something cheap and quick to eat. One of their items is a flour cake, which I really enjoy. It’s like a pan fried cake with egg and topped with green onions and some sort of sour and savory pickled radish. I didn’t have TK today, but I did have the flour cake item at another restaurant. What this place excelled in would be the quality of the dish, seemingly more fresh and hot. The dish also came with a lot more egg. However, I still prefer the TK one (maybe I should write a review on it). That particular one has egg stir fried with the cake, and the radish/sour vegetable thing is something that brings the dish to the next level.


I also got a rice dish (com tam) with fried fish and BBQ shrimp. It was okay. Their specialty is some sort of fish dish, so I thought I should try the fish. I’ll probably be back for the main fish dish itself. This particular plate had lightly fried fish with a tangy red sauce, and also the more authentic dipping sauce of fish sauce. The shrimp was huge and juicy, and grilled perfectly. I sort of wish I didn’t get so much because I felt really full, but not content. If that makes any sense.