Hello dear reader! All three of you. I’ve concluded that the average reader of my posts range about three. Mind you, these posts are just generic I don’t know what I’m writing about posts. But I guess that would mean most of my posts.

I actually accomplished a lot today. I bought some food, got a haircut, got water, somewhat washed my car. Not a bad day. I think I ate too much pad thai, though. Do you know what pad thai is? It’s spicy, savory, Thai goodness all in a noodle dish with chicken, tofu, shrimp, and a lot more delicious items.

As a friendly notice, I might not do anymore “haikus”. They weren’t even haikus. Just me writing in that format. I’m not sure what I’ll tag the other things I write, but I’ll think of something. I’ll still do them if they actually count as such, but I think it’s better if I stop being a haiku fakest.

Also, no more trying to categorize myself with like “Kupory Eats” or something with sentences. Unless I become big and become a franchise, I’ll just go with regular titles.And just one category too, to save me time and hassle of creating a lot of tags and such.

It is really hot today, though. It’s summer time in California and I wish I got some milk tea, or an icee. Maybe in a few days. I hope you had a good day, reader. Hopefully it’s not as hot as mine.