Let’s go with another ramen review! This time it will be about Halu Ramen. Or, hello ramen!


To keep this review shot, everything at Hula was subpar. The noodles were ramen noodles, the bamboo shoots were bamboo shoots, the one slice of pork was one slice of pork. If I had to give it a grade, I would probably give it a C to high C because it was good ramen, but it wasn’t anything to knock my elbows off.


The one interesting thing to note about this place would be the broth. The broth felt like a mixture of a ramen broth with some sort of Chinese. With most Japanese broths I’ve had being clear and flavorful, this one was fatty and savory. This was the first time I’ve seen ramen broth this way, so it was a surprising treat to taste it. You could taste the fat of the soup, but in the best possible way.


What I did like about my meal, which I probably will end up doing more, is getting the ramen set. With my bowl of ramen, I also got a silky potato salad (with a few pieces of bacon), some sort of cold, delicious shreds of chicken, and a poki bowl. By far, the poki bowl was my favorite part. The rice was nice, warm and firm while the marinated fish (salmon ,I think) contrasted it perfectly with its rich and savory texture. I’ve always been one who could never decide what to eat, and would eat small amounts of everything than a large amount of just one option.

Would I go again? No. Would I complain if I did? No. The meal was good and the service was decent. But nothing really to rave about. Just some good ramen with some good side dishes. What really caught my eye was the abalone/clam/oyster shell they give to you pay. It was just so darn majestic and colorful. Talk about classy. Don’t forget to tip your waiter!