Yes, yes it is. For a movie about talking fish getting lost and trying to be found, this movie hits you in the feels again and again. Coupled with some humor and childhood nostalgia, I couldn’t keep my eyes of the movie screen.

Leaving spoilers away, there were two clear endings the movie was going with. I was hoping for the sadder ending, but hey, we can’t all get what we want. The theater was obviously full with mostly kids and their parents, and I couldn’t help but think, “You probably never even watched the first one.” Maybe I’m just growing old, but why watch a sequel if you haven’t even watched the movie prior to it? Especially if that said movie was older than half the kids in the room.

The entire concept of this movie wasn’t really to find Dory. I mean, for Finding Nemo, the entire movie was trying to find Nemo. Yes, Marlin did learn a lot of things and grow as a character, and so did Nemo, but this movie was different. Dory wasn’t really lost. Well, she was, but she was always lost. Dory was trying to find Dory, in a spiritual sense. Does that make any logic? She was trying to find her family and remember who she was, and in the process discovered what she had in not only the past, but in the present. Sort of a journey to discover one’s self. Kind of a big deal for a kid’s movie, huh. Doubt it reached across to the children though, but I’m sure most of the older generation appreciated what the movie was trying to do for children and adults.

All I have left to say is that Baby Dory is my spiritual animal. So damn cute I want to punch a wall in order to feel like a man again. If you haven’t watched this movie yet but you have watched the first one ,well, you better watch Finding Dory soon.