1. Frankly, do you ever feel like the end slice on a loaf of bread?
  2. You know the kind- the one no one ever notices or wants.
  3. Life’s hands would graze against you with its pointy fingers, grasping for the much better slices.
  4. You wish, you just wish you could be just like them.
  5. They’re all bread, just like you.
  6.  So how come you have to be so crummy?
  7.  So very bizarre from all the other slices.
  8.  Maybe, you weren’t meant to become as important as them.
  9. All the other slices became something more, something greater.
  10. Two or three could join together in order to hold make a sandwich.
  11.  While others were able to turn crispy and darker into toast.
  12.  They continue onward in life.
  13. You’re left suffocating in the same bag you were born in, unable to escape the prison.
  14.  Just a over-touched piece of bread.
  15. But wait…
  16.  All the other slices fit the same norm.
  17.  But you?
  18. You’re different.
  19.  People have to get through you.
  20. You’re not just a stepping stone, however.
  21. If anybody gets hungry, you’d always be there for them as a grateful piece of toast.
  22.  You could be made into breadcrumbs, to become something the other slices couldn’t even dream of.
  23. You are the slice of bread the others lean on whenever they are feeling pressured.
  24. You know what?
  25. There are other end pieces of bread striving to be their best.
  26. It’s not so bad being such a different slice of bread.
  27. Just be the best slice of bread you can be.