Sigh. Today (June 18, 2016). Sigh. Just. Why. Why are parents so careless with their kids. Okay, maybe it wasn’t the parent’s fault. But probably is. Today was awful. I never liked kids much in the first place, but today. Nope. Sealed the deal.

Just imagine. Trying to help customers at the register. Just imagine. The horrors of retail. Then you see this kid out of nowhere lifting one of your small store carts and slamming it up and down upon the floor like it was a freaking pogo stick. While mumbling something you couldn’t even comprehend. But fortunately, our coworker near you tells him to stop. Does he listen? Of course not. He just tries lifting it while putting one of the bars in his mouth. You heard right.

He eventually went to a customer and they talked. About what, I don’t know. But later, that customer talked to me and said how annoying the kid was and how he opened some of our packages. All I told him was that it was the retail life.

The little bugger came back after about half an hour. And guess which register he chose to camp in? Mine. He just kept asking me questions. Like where the food was and such. What this was, what that was, while I was helping other customers. He even went as far as pushing a customer aside, saying it was his turning after cutting in line. He also ripped the receipt after it was printe dout and gave it to the customer. He then claim it wa shis birthday, and that I should “pay” for his candy. Went as far as going over the counter to try and take cash and fiddling around with the receipt pile. He just kept going and going ,saying how rude I was for ignoring him and not paying for his items. Customers in line saw this angel of a child, and began telling me to call security on this little kind soul. They also claimed he was harrassing people outside, demanding that old people give him money.

Where were his parents? He said they were at some hair salon. I don’t know what kind of parents this perfect child belongs to, but they must be great. Allowing their kid to run around the mall and acting like he owned the place. Wanting free stuff and free money. And before you say he might have some sort of mental illness, I don’t really care. If you act like a spoiled little egg, you deserve to be cracked. He must have been raise don a pedestal of sorts, since he just thought so highly of himself. He eventually left the store after saying how everyone was “rude.” I just looked at him.

I guess the moral of this whole ramble is. Please be a responsible parent and raise your parents to somewhat respectable person. The world isn’t your playground. And if you think it is, then I surely do hope that playground gets burned down to the ground.