Youtube was just an outlet for people to express themselves. Nobody knew exactly what to do with it at the time. Some tried playing video games. Others tried blogging about their day to day life. And some made music. One of my favorites and one of the first people I actually followed was none other than Christina Grimmie.

Probably known mostly for her appearance on “The Voice,” Grimmie was not only an amazing singer, but an amazing person. At least to me, I always saw here up there as Youtube singers gone big.  Sadly, she was taken away on June 10, 2016. After doing what she loved best- singing for the fans she loved and making them happy.

I couldn’t believe it when I heard it. Then rumors of her passing away spread, and I didn’t even want to hear about it. Rumors eventually became confirmed. She was gone. Some people mourned. And others. Others just talk about how we were sheep mourning for a celebrity. No. I honestly didn’t mourn when Michael Jackson unfortunately passed away, because I had no real connection with him. Christina was someone who connected with her fans, and made videos for the purpose of making everyone happy. She was in a generation where expressing yourself was real and sublime, and still a mystery. A part of my generation. But she was taken too early. Way too early.

What else can I say? No longer will I see covers from her on Youtube. I watched her grow from a Youtuber covering hits songs to someone singing on television and getting praise from music legends. I don’t know whether or not there’s a heaven. But where ever you are, Christina Grimmie. Just know that you didn’t only influence me to be a better person, but everyone else. And saying we will miss you is an understatement of a lifetime.