Hello everyone! Just wanted to talk about my day. Plus, I get to show you that I’m actually a person! Rather than some awkward guy spewing really bad and punny haikus.

I took one of my old friends out today. He’s kind of, urm, slow. He’s a year older than me (25 or 26? Okay, maybe 2. I’m not sure). I just visited him the stuff I bought him from Fanime and lectured him. The same old. He’s still in the same community college with his expensive ass truck that he never drives alone because he’s scared and because of his strict parents. Sigh. Plus, he can’t use chopsticks. I’m sorry. If you’re Asian, using chopsticks is a must. There is no excuse. Even if you don’t have arms, you should be able to use chopsticks.

I hate driving. I really dislike driving. Being in a cramped space and depending on a vehicle for your safety while others are doing that. No thanks. That is too much construction here. Nope.

On the bright side, we had a lot of delicious Korean BBQ. Too bad I took no good pictures. Only one, which I posted on my haiku sometime before this post. But man, was it good. And the waitress was cute and really nice and attentive. I tipped her 12 dollars out of the 38 dollar meal. Not bad for eating our guts out.

We just chilled at my house after. Trying to teach him Overwatch to no avail. He’s not really good at games. He buys loads of games, but they just sit on hi shelf. Such a waste. We were going to the mall after, but his dad called him and yelled at him to come home at four. Pm. Oh well.

I hope you guys had a good day! That was just my day. Sort of boring to most of you. Probably. But whatever. Kupo.