Fanime is an oddity and adventure for me. My third time going there this year, I have to say that the experience itself just seems to get better and better. But why? Why am I always so excited for this event; the one event I look most forward to ever year? I’m not a cosplayer. I barely go to any meets. I don’t even take selfies with characters I love. So why? Why do I tire myself on memorial day weekend in order to exhaust myself? Because. Because it’s Fanime.

Let’s just start off by saying I’m probably one of the most awkwardly kind guys you’ll ever meet. I know, that sounds sort of pretentious. Yet that’s how I really am. I’ll help you if you drop your bag, but I won’t help you if you fall because I don’t want to touch you since I’m clumsy and I might fall on you. That has happened before. Where I’ve just tripped on air and nearly fall on people. This Fanime, when I was walking back to my hotel, these random group of people I walked passed noticed me. One of them asked me to high five and I just grinned and told him, “No thank you.” They got a bit offended and said that wasn’t fair, but I just walked away. I’m awkward like that. But getting off track. I don’t really socialize with many people during Fanime. I mean, I see old friends and I talk with them and such, but I never really stick with them. I just wander around. And that’s okay. I like being surrounded by happy people doing what they love. Let’s face it, we’re all sort of nerdy losers. In a respective sense, mind you. We love something deemed by society as immature and pointless to such an extent, that we create an event where we celebrate our passion. And that’s. That’s a wonderful thing.

So is that all I have to say? Nope. I can keep talking about my experience and such, but I think most people would find that boring since I don’t participate in much. I did, however, buy a ton of merchandise. Let my ramble about them begin!


You see this? This is the moogle I bought. Don’t know what a moogle is? This is a moogle. Look at it. It has a green ball. Green! Why is it green? I don’t know. I bought it right away because all the moogles I have wield yellow fluff balls on their heads. Green! Maybe it’s due time for a new profile picture on this blog.


Just a Kamen Rider figure I purchased. The toku selection was bigger this year than last year’s, but nothing like the first year I attended. The label says $33.99 with tax, but they charged me only $34. Probably because they saw how many times I went there just looking. The figure is okay. Just okay.


Now this. This was the best thing I bought there. Hit me right in the nostalgia. I bought these on the last day due to a spur of the moment thing, and I’m glad I did. I had these figures as a child. I remember going to the flea market and buying these with my grandparents. They were always out of the packaging, though. But these? These came with their own miniature stands and backgrounds. I was excited for tiny, plastic bushes. I might have a future post on them later. And for ten dollars a piece, I just had to buy them all. Get it. Buy them all? Because it’s Pokemon.


These shirts were $20 each, but came in as a bundle as 3 for $50. And a free poster! I bought Dragonzord and Captain America because I’m a dork, and the Pokemon one just looked too cool to pass up.


This piece of Charizard art drew my eye. It stands out from all the other art work I purchased. I would have bought more, but the price for each was pretty high. I forgot how much, but I remember debating whether or not to buy more. Either way, I love Charizard and I love this piece. The colors and texture just seem to be on fire.


I’ve been wanting this figure for so long. It has so many articulation points and accessories. I remember wanting to buy this figure with my next paycheck, just to find out it was sold out everywhere. Either that, or spend around $100 for it. I finally found a website and reserved it, but cancelled that order because I found it during Fanime! And turns out the company that sold it to me also supplies it to other stores, including the one I reserved it on previously. Go figure! The place where I bought my Pokemon figures also had this figure, but it was $90. No, thank you. I got it for around $60, thank you very much. I went back to buy the female version, but it was gone. Ah, my fault. I should have followed my heart, and not my wallet.


A piece of art I bought on the last day. Even though I had tons of Pokemon stuff already, this looked too good to just walk away from.


I. Love. This. Artist. Like I said, this is the third time I went to Fanime. And this is the third time I bought something from him. Look at how much work is one in each drawing. I remember buying a Pokemon one from him every year, along with something else because it’s a mere two for $20. I’m just disappointed because I bought all this Pokemon collages. But dude, keep rocking on. Your art is amazing.


I also bought this on the last day. Not much to say. Just Riku skateboarding away from that heartless we all know and hate.


Oh, look! Another Pokemon poster! You see what it is. Just the mega evolutions of the first three starters. Looks legit. But what caught my eye from this artist was the Digimon one. I cried like a baby when I witnessed Wizardmon child. That was years back. I just had to buy this one because, well, Wizardmon!


Love Teen Titans. I never finished the series, thought. Maybe I should. And no. Don’t even mention Teen Titans Go. That has nothing on the original. Just no. Look at how cool all these characters look! Well, except Beast Boy. Beast Boy looks a bit iffy. Still, I really like this drawing.


The only Kamen Rider drawing I found. I love Gaim. I just don’t like my fandom, much. They’re loud. And they give me a headache. Most the fans do. But this drawing is pretty neat and adorable.


An Umbreon and Ryu Hello Kitty plushie I bought at the swap meet. Just cute little plushies I had to get. Simple as that.


Oh look, even more cute Pokemon drawings.


I only bought this card because it looks cool. And Nash/Charlie is an awesome Street Fighter character. I just don’t know what to do with him. Probably keep him in a box.


All and all, I really enjoyed Fanime. The weekend was tiring from buying stuff and playing too much video games, while binge eating a lot of food and walking back and forth to my hotel. But I would do it again and again. I cannot wait for next year to come, so I can do it all over again.