Tumblr has forever changed whatever my idea on blogging. To paraphrase a post I’ve seen on the site before. I thought blogging was just a bunch of old ladies sharing their baking tips. Ever since discovering this site, I’ve spent so much time reblogging anything and everything I enjoyed.  I mean, a lot of time. Maybe too much. Just sitting there in front of my laptop. Pressing the J and L key constantly. Over the years, I grew distant from Tumblr.  Why? Probably because I got more bored and lazy. I still go on it from time to time, but I’ve noticed something. A large majority of who I follow hate/dislike males.

Now before I continue, I know what you’re going to say. Women live in fear everyday. They fear a man’s cat calls and the possibility of a man violating them. They’re not treated equally in the work force and are deemed lower than their male counterparts. All fair points. I’m pretty sure if anyone from Tumblr reads this and is so against men, there will be a reply with the history of how man has subjugated women for thousands of years. And that sucks. I’m sorry. I’m sorry society has deemed women so low. I want equality, I really do. When I first joined Tumblr, my view on Feminism changed. They should be treated equally to men, and not as sex objects or main objects as jokes, like belonging in the bathroom or kitchen. One day, I hope they will. But how come whenever I see a post bashing males of all kind, I just feel offended?

We always feel offended, so you feeling offended is your just desserts. Well, no. I just said I want true equality not only for women, but for everyone. How come every single post I’ve seen has said men, making the reader assume it’s all men, instead of saying some? Or a few? Majority? Nope. Just all males. Where’s the difference between that and saying “All Mexicans are drug dealers” or “All Asian people are cheap”? Sex and race are different, but in the end they still tole down to what we were born with. I’m sorry I was born a man. I’m sorry women are treated less than men. But how is sinking to their (see how I say their, because not all men are evil) any better than what they do to you?

It sucks. I really liked Tumblr. But now I feel just hurt whenever I see a post attacking the sex I’m in. Does that even makes sense? Well, women are always being attacked. Again, I’m sorry. I didn’t do it. My male friends didn’t do it. I’m sorry some men are stupid. But you have to know, not all men are. I don’t know who will read this ,and whether or not they’ll be offended to such a degree. But I just had to give my thoughts on this. I am a man, yes, but I am not a monster.