Oh, retail on Sunday. Where grown women cry and grown men cry and everybody else cries. I have a post saved somewhere about another Sunday, but I’ve just left it in my draft folders for another day. But today? Oh boy. Today was like a train wreck followed by a flood followed by a hurricane followed by an earthquake followed by, well, you catch my drift.

First off, we had some stupid tweens (yes, tweens) playing around in the store with sticks. Well, not sticks. Those railings you use to hold curtains. Whatever they’re called. They were sword fighting or whatever. And they knocked off a lot of merchandise and one of the items flew and hit me. They just laughed and said sorry and I just looked at them and shook my head. Tweens man. Am I just growing old and hating younger people, or are they getting worse? Seriously. You’re gonna injure someone one day fucking about like that. I’ll laugh at them for that, though.

Some old couple tried to return items, even though the store clearly states we cannot allow that. Nope, keep making a scene and wasting my time. No need for the other customers waiting in line. But this happens a lot. They always try to return or exchange something while talking shit in their language in front of us. Just another day for this.

Now this guy. This guy was a special little snowflake. The store was about to close in ONE minute and he wanted in to buy whatever. One minute. He kept pointing at his phone telling a coworker to let him in. He demanded to talk to a manager and to be let in. And even asked for name. Probably call the company or write a bad review in yelp. Wow. Really? You arrive on the busiest day when the store is full one minute before we close to purchase something? We have the gate closed for a reason. Don’t think so high and mighty about yourself. We’re all tired and just want to go home. Oh well. He probably went home to complain about us, but anybody with half a brain knows he’s just throwing a tantrum. Maybe try coming earlier next time?