This list is solely based from my experience. Don’t get too offended if your experiences differ!

  1. Friends. You will meet one or two people that will stick with you, even after you leave.
  2. The professors that sacrifice so much because they want us to learn.
  3. Free stuff. Free agenda every semester! Too bad I never used them. But it’s free!
  4. Always eye candy to be seen. Too bad I was never eye candy to anyone. Ah, well. Still, people watching was never dull.
  5. Everyone was on some sort of equal ground, meaning we were all in the same pool of “What the fuck am I doing in this class and what am I going to do with my life?”
  6. There was good food surrounding the campus. Campus food was alright, but the real stuff is around. Don’t be too afraid to explore! Some places even offer student discounts.
  7. Usually, there will always be someone more stupid than you. So don’t get too discouraged if you feel like an idiot.
  8. This might just be exclusive to my college, but we had friendly squirrels. They would just walk everywhere with people and you could even feed them. So, I don’t know. Wild animals? Pets?
  9. Free condoms.
  10. Lots of lonely people to be with. Sort of like being lonely together, minus the together part.
  11. You actually learn some things that will stick with you. Like polyptoton! Using the same core word constantly. Like, “I was flying away, but I flew too close to the sun and I learned that way that I had to fly carefully.”
  12. Good exercise running from class to class.
  13. Also, the stress from thinking about your impending future and amount of work from classes probably helps you burn calories.
  14. There was always someone in class you can talk shit with. “Did you see what he was wearing?” Or “Man, I have no clue what the professor said today.”
  15. Free money. Kind of free money. I got grants, so I count that as free money.
  16. Realizing how much a day off means to you when a professor tells you class is cancelled for that day.
  17. There will always be one student you, as a class, can come together to hate on. True togetherness.
  18. If you were good at taking notes or knew most of the answers, you were the cool kid in the class and people wanted to be with you. And I? I wasn’t. But I took notes. I just never went back to them. But it helped others. Kind of.
  19. Having an excuse for a break. Doing homework? Break. Studying? Time for a snack.
  20. Some professors were just downright good people you’d love to have lunch with.
  21. Nobody really cared if you needed to take a moment and rest in the middle of campus. Or break down. Whatever floats your boat.
  22. Free Wifi.
  23. Nobody really cared what you were wearing.
  24. Being able to use the bathroom whenever you wanted, even during class. I mean going to the bathroom, mind you.
  25. You feel more like an adult and actually had some input to classes, rather than the professor just controlling every little aspect like that of grade schools.