Way back when before the stars were set and mankind was able to travel towards a moon, there was a man. A man who loved pizza. No, just kidding. It was just a college kid that really liked pizza. But I’ve never had a pizza which was like a Subway sort of deal, where I went down the line in order to customize my pizza. These kinds of places seem to have been growing as the years went by, and I was excited for my first experience and board that hype train. All aboard!


You know what I realized after making my pizza? I cannot pick pizza ingredients for the life of me. There were a plethora of vegetables and meats. I didn’t know what went well with what. I went with my staple and got anything and everything that was spicy. The spicy marina was a must, but it didn’t taste the one bit spicy to me. Which was unfortunate, because a friend said it was really good and spicy. And most of the vegetables I chose had the same, vinegar flavor; the jalapenos, the banana peppers, the artichoke hearts. The only vegetable that tried its best to save the pizza were the mushrooms, but alasa, they couldn’t withstand the sour flavor of the rest. Oh, and the roasted garlic. One should always go for the roasted garlic. To hell with the rest of your company and your breath. Roasted garlic is divine.

I forgot which meat I got. I want to say I got pepperonni and meatballs. Because, well, what’s a pizza without pepperonni? Blasphemy. That’s what it is. to my despair, I receied crumple dup meatballs instead. Which is fair. I was hoping for big chunks of meatball, but twas my fault.


Did I enjoy the pizza? Eh. I think it was more my toppings of choice than anything else. I should have went outside the (pizza) box and ordered something that sounded amazing, rather than something that I always go for, aka spicy and more spicy. One thing that I noticed was the crust was a bit burnt. Maybe that’s how they made it and that was the coal from the oven.But the menu pizza one of my friends ordered (a bbq chicken pizza) looked pretty delicious. Overall, the pizza was extremely thin and had a few burnt spots, but it wasn’t horrible. Just noticeable. Obviously, since I devoured it. My experience at Blaze Pizza wasn’t blazing, but warm.