Being the adventurous soul that I am, I had decided to travel all the way to Bangkok with a friend in order to try the cuisine, all in the name for my wonderful readers! No, just kidding. I just drove a few minutes away from the mall and tried this place a coworker told me about.

I’m not sure if I did a proper Thai food review from my go-to place. Doubt it. And even if I did, I’ll probably just do another one in the future. That aside, this place was just average. I was expecting a more homely feel and amazing flavors. When we got there, there were only about two or three other tables, and they seemed to be finishing their food. The service, to put it bluntly, was awful. I may crack jokes about Asian services at restaurants from time to time, but there has to be some expectations to be met. My friend and I were dying from the spice and he had to get his own water twice since there was nobody around to bring the pitcher, which was just sitting in the front. Our waitress forgot to bring us separate plates for our appetizers, and I just assumed we would eat out of the plates the food came in. She apologized and gave us plates, but that still didn’t make up for everything else.

The soup they gave us as a starter tasted like canned chicken noodle soup, minus the chicken and noodles and replaced with soy sauce. The chicken satay, which is usually a good indicator of how good the place really is, had the correct savory flavor of the chicken, and smooth, rich flavor of the peanut sauce. Sadly, the chicken was cold. Not even lukewarm. Just cold. Like leftover pizza from last night. The fried calamari was okay, but tasted out of place with the sweet and sour sauce. I didn’t choose the dish, but I still expected more.

Now here’s the weird think. I chose the drunken noodles while my friend chose the spicy fried rice. He chose mild, and I chose hot. Hot is hotter than mild, right? Or have I been living a lie? We tried each other’s dish, and mine barely had any spice to it at all. His, however, was spiced to the brim! So either they got our spices mixed up, or they added what would have been in mine, into his. Saying that, both dishes were just okay. Not worth the ten dollar a piece in my opinion, but it was okay. I’m not sure how to explain how mediocre Asian cuisine can be, but this was certainly it. At least the Thai tea was good? Smooth and rich, with a nice cooling touch after eating the spices. But I can get Thai tea anywhere around my area. Will I come back here again? Highly doubt it.