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Kokumaro and chicken karaage

Here comes another ramen review, from Kahoo Ramen! Are you guys tired from reading another ramen review? I bet you are. I’m sorry. Whenever my bro and I go out, he always craves ramen. On the bright side, I can now actually somewhat distinguish what makes a good ramen, and what makes a bad one. If you’ve ever read any of my reviews, you would know that I know my way around the noodles of the Asian, soupy kind.

We arrived there before it opened since there always seems to be a line every time. The ambiance of the place is peaceful and fun,with the cooks screaming and hollering in Japanese while the waitresses are sweet people who are too kind for words. It feels like being in someone else’s home, and less like a restaurant. Which I liked. I don’t think I’ve ever felt such a way whenever going to a ramen place. The place soon became crowded and I felt like I was at home, if my home had ramen and a lot of strangers.

Before we get to the food, can I just mention the water container? I’ve never seen such a thing at every table. I found it really neat. Just a random thought. It was lukewarm and I have a pet peeve about not drinking not cold drinks. Never did like hot tea or hot coa coa. And this water was no different. But I did like the container. Yup, that’s all have to say about that.

I ordered the kokumaro ramen, which caught my eye because it had crispy garlic chips. I do love me some garlic. I was going to order the spicy ramen, but this was better. The broth was shoyu based, and up to this point, it was the best shoyu broth I’ve had. It wasn’t just salty, but it had some other flavors dancing in there. However, that’s all I thought it had going for it. The noodles were regular ramen noodles, the garlic chips were just an after thought, and the pork was just pieces of pork. If I were to go again, I’d probably order the lunch special, which included fish and rice, and a small serving of ramen.

You know what was the star? The chicken karaage. I know. “Here he goes again with fried chicken.” But this chicken was just so perfect. The crust was crispy and crunchy, and the dark meat chicken was juicy and savory. The bitter flavor of the cabbage contrasted the fried chicken perfectly, while the sweet, smooth Japanese mayo brought everything together. I would have love this on a bed of rice. Or on my bed. Or on anything. Love fried chicken.

Was this ramen place good? Yes. Do I think it deserves such a line? Not really. The ramen place near it is much better in my opinion, but the experience of it was worth while.