This sad pawpaw thing was pretty heartwarming when I first saw it. As someone who has been raised by grandparents and have neglected them, I really related to the post. Suddenly, it turned into a cow being milked to death. What do you do when you see your grandparent sad? Set up a burger event and sell them for two dollars each to make him happy! That sounded odd to me, but alright. I get it. Not really, but alright.  But then I heard they were selling T-shirts for around twenty dollars. Really? Just my opinion, but I’d rather just make it up to my grandfather than make a profit out of his misery which you caused. You know? So whoever is reading this, please. Take care of your family, because you never know what might happen to them. They can disappear in a blink of an eye. And please, don’t try to make money out of them. You’re better than that. I hope.