Citi Cafe gave me a lot of mixed emotions. I arrived at the tea place at about 11:40, about 10 minutes after it opened, but the door wouldn’t budge. I thought they were opening a bite late, but turns out the door was jammed and wouldn’t open. So either it was a sign for things to come, or the door just didn’t want me to try the food.

I’ve been to this establishment two times prior, but I’ve never ordered anything there. A friend had some sort of exotic iced tea, and my other friend had a Thai tea. I was just there for no reason. Citi Cafe has just recently opened up and offers a tranquil, friendly atmosphere, with hit music and free Wifi. So obviously, I sought this place for a future writing spot. But, is the food good?

Not really. They have a lot of items ranging from Chinese wontons, Korean cold noodles, fried rice, and ramen. Along with those dishes are the typical popcorn chicken and french fries one would expect from a boba place. I ordered the ramen combo which included ramen and a choice of tea for about 6-7 dollars. The waitress automatically told me that the ramen was instant and if it was okay, and I said, “Yep.” A coworker had told me about the disappointing ramen and I just had to try it. And boy, was he right. The ramen tasted like the instant beef kind, with some boy choy thrown in. There was also a fried egg and slice of uncooked (?) spam. Yeah, not the best. If you’ve been reading my other reviews of ramen (Salt Pork,Ninja Fish Balls,Big Pork) you would know I’ve had some legit ramen. And the one I had today? I should have saved my money and made it at home myself.

The popcorn chicken was alright. It wasn’t as hot (temperature wise) as I’ve had in the past. I also had to put on the spice myself, and the spicy spice wasn’t spicy at all. The mango milk tea I had a somewhat sour taste to it, and I would have preferred mine sweeter. The dish my friend had, however, was far beyond better than anything I had. The eggplant looked like it had some more care done towards it than my dishes, and was filled with juicy pork. The black bean sauce caressed the gooey eggplant and was an excellent combination with rice.

So the next time I go there, I’ll probably order from their more a la carte menu. The thing is, the dishes there cost about ten dollars and with rice, that’s an extra one dollar. For that amount of money, I could go to a Chinese take out place, and have more options, along with more food. But, I shall sacrifice my time and money in order to go more into depth with Citi Cafe.