No, not really. But it sure was shocking. And stupid. Mostly stupid. I was just driving home after a day of working at my retail job and exercising at the gym. I took my usual route home, and was a few blocks away and passed a car, before I heard some sort of holler. The next thing I know, my window was covered with some sort of muddy substance. Called it dirty water or shit. And that car just sped away. I continued driving for one more second before realizing I had to stop and and use the water and windshield wipers. Shake my head, man. Really? This is what this new generation of kids are like? Now, I’m not saying this generation is bad or good, nor was mine. But really? Really? Fucking really? Was I really that stupid, and lacked any sort of empathy? Who knows, their next victim may get into a serious accident if that were to happen to them. Sigh.