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Let’s go with another ramen review! This time,I will make this review official. You hear that? I didn’t only just get pictures of the food I ordered, but of the restaurant and menu too! This is all just for you my wonderful followers! All five of you. Yes, five. I know who you are! Kinda. Not really.

Homi Japanese Ramen is a bit of a hole in the wall and resides in a Chinese plaza, of all places. So, Chinese people making ramen? Sounds odd, don’t it? Well, it is. But not in the worst way.

My friend and I were greeted with hospitality and the ambiance of the restaurant was relaxed. It was almost lunch time, but the place only had a few guests by the time we left. All around the room, there were pictures of their food. Not the fake kinds of pictures, mind you- with their over photoshopped food. No, these pictures were as legit as the food.

The appetizer was between mochiko chicken and chicken karage, but we eventually got the karakage. The chicken was chewy, yet crispy. Sweet, yet savory. It was amazing.I just wanted more and more chicken. The sauce that went with it was some sort of sweet, thick sauce. Tasted like hoisin to me.  I preferred the chicken by itself, but man, was that some good chicken. And if you’ve read what I wrote for awhile, you would know I love my fried chicken.

The ramen was a pleasant surprise. I liked it, but I didn’t love it. The broth was shoyu based and had a nice salty flavor, but was a far cry from the salt pork flavor I had in my previous ramen review. The presentation of the ramen itself wasn’t as elegant as the other one either, with the components sinking down into the soup, instead of lying on top like a piece of edible art. The pork’s flavor tasted like boil pork; nothing like the flavorful char sui one would come to expect. The highlight of the meal? The fish balls. No, not the fish cakes. They were alright.But the fish balls. If you’ve had fish balls, imagine this. A more firm fish ball, with a filling of a dumpling/gyoza. It was really interesting. I didn’t know what to think about it. It was good, but new for me. The ramen didn’t seem to go for the best kind of a dish, but a different approach. It seemed to be more fish based, and the whole dish revolved around the stuffed fish balls. Was it the best ramen I ever had? Nope. But was it good? Yup. And the fish balls alone should be a reason for anyone to try their chef special ramen. But don’t forget to tell your kind waitress to leave out the beansprouts, because beansprouts are nasty.