People nowadays seem to just want to write an entire essay on something as frugal as a Facebook quiz, making it seem much bigger than it is. Obviously, I respect your opinion and I welcome you to express it, but please, go about explaining it in a better way than just you seeming like a crying baby with an extended vocabulary.

Here’s an example:

Girls like wearing make up.

Person: How dare you criticize females with your male propaganda? Not all females like wearing make up, and society dictates them to look good in order to be like other women in magazines. They are not objects to hungry eyes from men, but human beings. Make up is a device created by mankind in order to mask a woman’s beauty, which is disgusting. Women shouldn’t have to feel like they should look different from what they really appear to be. Society has to learn that women can achieve anything they want, and choose whatever they don’t want to participate in. I for one, do not stand by this sexist statement.

Me in my head: What the fuck are you taking about?