I went to Barnes and Nobles today to chill a bit (a bookstore for all you intercontinental readers out there, don’t worry I see you) and I really think this will be my spot for actually writing. I just need a good laptop. The one I’ve been using is old and clunky and it’s just. No. Plus, they have lit mags there which I will eventually be in, because let’s face it. I am an amazing writer! Well, not really. But I can always hope, can’t I?

When I was leaving, a cute girl came in and was looking at books. Man, I can’t wait till girls flip through pages of my book! That sounded better in my head. Ah, fuck.

I also need writing boots. I will invent such a thing and make a profit. If all else fails with my writing career, then I can be the inventor of the writing boots. Yes. This plan is amazing.