So we got some new workers. And there’s this new guy, right? He was in my old section displaying stuff. And to work here, you must be 18+. Then here comes this big group of kids who looked like they were barely in high school calling his name and making a scene. Really? First day on the job, man? And the manager was there today. Good thing she didn’t see, or you might not even have a job.

I had to ring one of them up. She was wearing a Cloud 9 shirt (League of Legends I think) and those cat ear headphones. I said next customer at least five times, with my voice getting higher and angrier with each time I said it. She didn’t move an inch and was too distracted with her damn phone while she held up a long line. Really? All that for just cookies?

I don’t know. I guess I shouldn’t hate on the guy because of his friends, but if he’s half of what they are, then we’re gonna have some trouble. Don’t inconvenience others for not caring. Those are the kind of people I just can’t stand.