So a customer accused me of taking her hone away. She claimed it was on top of her stuff and that I took it and that I’d look like the type of person who wouldn’t give it back. That’s what a coworker told me.

She also went to security and told them to contact us, asking about said phone.

And she came the next day, asking if there was a phone. I think I heard them talking about me on the way out because I was there.

Just because you lost your phone, doesn’t mean you can blame me. Maybe take better care of your stuff? I made it a habit to hand the customer their phones if they forget it too, so I’m not sure where her accusation is coming from.

I have no memory of helping this woman. Maybe I did. But I have no such phone in my hands. And I find it really depressing, and insulting, that she’s accusing me of stealing her phone with no proof whatsoever.

Ah, the retail life. Where people either see us as tools or people incapable of being human.