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Do you hate having only one or two things to accompany your rice? No need to fear. Com tam is here! I don’t know what the English translation of the Vietnamese dish is, nor am I going to look it up because I am too lazy, but I assume it’s rice with stuff. What I love most about this dish is that there always seems to be way more stuff than rice! And the one I had today was the bare minimum!

Let’s get this out there. I loved everything I ate, and always have whenever I order com tam, aside from the shredded pork. I still eat it, but I find its odd texture and coldness a turn off. It’s just alright. Like when you see an okay looking girl when working out at the gym. Or ordering sushi from a place that isn’t officially a sushi restaurant. Just alright.

The pork though. Dear me. If you’ve never had Vietnamese BBQ pork. I feel sorry for you. No, really. Please go out and get some. It’s sweet and tender and just melts in your mouth. Shrimp was okay. It’s shrimp. I wasn’t expecting it either, but it was just chilling there.

Now lets get on to the odd stuff. Pickled vegetables? Just veggies in vinegar. Soup? It’s Vietnamese soup that usually accompanies the com tam. I don’t see any use of it, but it’s still tasty to slurp. Now, the egg tart. I love that shit. But many may not. It’s squishy and meaty and tastes like a meaty, eggy, savory sponge of a thing. And everything just goes with the fish sauce.

So if you hate choosing what to eat with your rice, just get some com tam. So many choices, but you have so much time because it’s worth it.