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You know if you go into an Asian restaurant and there aren’t any Asian people, that it’s not real Asian food. Or authentic. Or special. And this, well. This is Tung Kee Noodle (Or TK Noodle). But hey, it’s still good.

It’s an odd place. A merge of Chinese, Vietnamese (?), and Thai food. Or in simpler terms, Asian food. But it hits the spot if you want Asian-ish food that will make you full for a cheap price. I usually go for my combination yellow noodle soup with wontons, but today I substituted my favorite, chewy, yellow noodles for those of thick, rice stick noodles.

There’s not much to say. The soup has no flavor. The pork and chicken in it is boiled. You know what boiled pork and chicken taste like? Well, then you know what I had. The shrimp wasn’t peeled properly, which always bothered me. There was little fried pork skin. I used to ask for extra on the side so I can dump them into my soup, but I’ve grown lazy to ask. Plus, sometimes they say they would bring it, but never do, no mater how many times you ask. Noodles were good though; a lot of them and they made me full. And well, you know me and spice. I need that chili oil and pickled jalapenos! I think I put too much, though, since I was coughing from too much spice halfway through.

I say go try TK if you never had Asian food before and you want an easy entree in. I’m not sure how far the company stretches, though. But if you ever go to one, don’t expect the best service.