I was just sitting in the food court. Eating my lunch, ya know. And no, I didn’t plan on doing a food post today. The food court’s food is alright, but I don’t think it warrants any pictures or food (unless anybody wants it then sure ask away but you guys won’t because nobody is going to read this anyway).

I was nearly done, and I took two honking bites of my garlic bread. The garlic bread was a knob of dough covered with butter and garlic. So yeah, my cheeks were stuffed and I probably didn’t look so appealing. But then, a lady appeared and asked for donations towards something charity for something.

Now right when I started eating, another lady asked me for donation. And I said I had no change. And I didn’t. Well, not really. I had three-one hundred dollar bills from Christmas, and a twenty dollar bill to buy groceries for my grandma. She went away right when I said change, though.

But this second lady? She kept asking and said any change would help. So with my mouth full of bread, I reached into my wallet and found change. But my wallet is so old and crappy that it’s tearing across the seams, and my coins were hiding in another section. So I pulled out my $320 and put it in my pocket, in order to pull out the maybe one dollar total of mismatched coins. Was I paranoid she would take my bills and run? A bit. I was filled up to the brim with too much bread and pasta.

But she didn’t and she took the change, asking twice if I wanted a lollipop. I said no. I’m no sucker. I didn’t say that, I’m just writing that because it’s funny. Get it? Lollipop? Sucker? Yeah, okay.