Not really a rant, but an explanation. Whenever I go to these things (Because Cambodian people always seem to go to a Chinese restaurant for a wedding) there is always somebody speaking in my tongue, complaining about how there’s no rice until the near end of the meal.

I don’t really say anything, because frankly I don’t bother with people who complain without much context. And I work in retail, so that’s a problem.

Any who, I’ve read, quite frequently, that the fried rice comes at the end because if it were served in the beginning, the carbs would fill up your stomach faster. And for such an extravagant meal, they want you to be able to have a taste of everything. Probably why there’s not much carbs in any of the entrees, except for the rice dish.

Just a food for thought! Get it? Because I made you think about food? No? Okay.