I went to get gas today. No big deal, right? I drove past these two cars side by side, with a group of people. I thought nothing of it.

I was pumping my gas and there was this old man in a wheelchair, with American flags sticking up. He was talking to random people. He almost got to me, but I finished and drove away.

As I was driving, I saw these guys play (?) fighting this other guy into the middle of the street and cars had to stop. Again, I thought nothing of it. Just stupid people.

Then when I was sitting in a restaurant eating my food, cop cars and a firetruck blocked off a section of the area, rendering the gas station isolated. If I just had gotten there a few minutes after, boy, I don’t want to wonder what would’ve happened.

Anyway, expect a review of my dinner from today! What I was eating while I was listening to sirens and watching the blinking of police car lights.